A Note from our Founders…


We all feel a responsibility to our parents. When we are young they care for us, as they age it is up to us to do the same for them. In my own family we have struggled with questions of how to care for my elderly grandmother in South Florida. My mom lives a thousand miles from her but for a long time she was flying down to see her almost weekly.

For us it was important that my grandmother continued to live at home, surrounded by the things that bring her comfort in her old age – the simple things that we take for granted when we are well. She was adamant that she stay in the home she has lived for over 60 years; the comforts of her bed, friendships of her neighbors, and simple familiarities that keep her smiling each day.

It was only after a long search that we found a homecare company that we felt could take care of her in a way that gave us the confidence that she would be taken care of like family.


Our family has also struggled with caring for a loved one. When my sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, our lives were turned upside down. We had to ensure she was cared for, while balancing our work and family. Ideally, a “chemo companion” could have helped her get to appointments, cook meals for her nightly and assist her family during this unsettling and tumultuous time. We were unable to find someone like this, leaving us constantly scrambling and extremely stressed. It was a frustrating and difficult experience to find qualified help. The idea of providing invaluable and compassionate care to others in similar situations is what motivated us to start a caregiving business.

The realization that it was so hard to find good care, someone to care for our loved ones as if they were our own, was our motivation in creating this company.

Evolution Homecare was created because we understand the challenges faced by those seeking to find a balance between the demands and desires of their own lives and caring for those that they love. We specialize in hiring warm, empathetic and kind aides that will become essential to ensuring that your loved ones are given the attention and care that they need.

As daughters, mothers and owners of the company we are more than just a placement agency. We will work with you to ensure your loved ones are taken care of in a way that we would want for own family. Our compassion and understanding is what drives us to work hard for you to find the best possible caregiver for your needs.